Develop the right M&A tax strategy to help you achieve optimal outcomes and reduce transaction risk

As the number of mergers and acquisitions continues to increase domestically and internationally, so do the complexities of taxes associated with these types of transactions. The acquisition, disposition, or restructuring of a business presents tax saving opportunities as well as tax risks.
Navigating this complicated process requires an expert to advise the best tax position during all phases of a transaction to lead to making an advantageous business decision.

Acquiring and merging businesses is a key event in the lifecycle of companies and tax will be a key aspect of any deal or transaction. It can impact every element of the deal from raising finance to the corporate structure to efficient structuring of share and asset sales. You will be better equipped to deal with all these challenges if you have a tax strategy to support your overall business strategy.

Premier Tax & Advisory provides corporate sellers, strategic buyers, and private equity investors with a broad continuum of tax advisory services to support transactions such as:

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Divestitures
  • Investment and financing structures
  • Reorganizations

With an intent focus on exceeding our client’s expectations, we bring together a vast set of tax experience and knowledge that covers a broad spectrum of M&A transactions. By leveraging this expertise, we are able to secure a firm understanding of every aspect of the deal, and tailor an approach that will be most effective for your unique situation. We pride ourselves on partnering with local and international lawyers, investment advisors, banks, and other institutional lenders to meet the needs of our client’s tax objectives.


In the context of the above, we provide our clients:

  • Pre-deal tax planning
  • Tax implication analysis of alternative deal structures (e.g. mergers, acquisitions, asset vs share deals) , including how investors will be taxed on their investment return
  • Tax due diligence
  • Identification of tax related opportunities and risks during the deal evaluation phase
  • Assistance in post-acquisition implementation
  • Maximization of utilization of acquired tax attributes (e.g. tax losses)
  • Assistance in negotiation of tax related matters with other parties and advice on deal agreements
  • Recommendation on tax effective solutions to international complexities (e.g. repatriation of cash, transactional taxes and charges)

Examples of our services

■ M&A Tax

  • M&A Structuring for buy-side/sell-side for tax minimization
  • International tax structuring and planning
  • Transaction tax cost analysis
  • Tax due diligence, Identifying and quantifying tax risks and exposures
  • Advisory service towards definitive agreement
    • Propose remedies or remediation plans to limit or eliminate tax exposures
    • Collaborate with attorneys regarding representations, warranties, indemnifications and escrows
  • Post-deal service
    • Utilization of tax losses and unrealized losses
    • Tax efficient integration into existing businesses
    • Group reorganization after acquisition
    • Compensation and benefits tax planning