Japanese and international tax advice on investments to structure your finances tax-efficiently

Japan is a large potential market for many foreign companies. From individual investors to business owners, we can help manage your Japanese reporting requirements and help maximize your investment.
The aim of strategic investments should always be to preserve assets and to increase them where possible. However, every investment strategy has tax implications, and it is especially important to structure corporate and private assets in the best possible way for tax purposes.

To take due account of the frequently complex asset situations in business and the private sphere, Premier Tax & Advisory offers tax advice pursuing a strategic and holistic approach for your own personalized concept, if applicable in cooperation with an expert team of attorneys and financial advisors.

Examples of our services

■ Tax on investment

  • Tax-efficient investment strategies lowering taxes on capital gains, dividends and interests
  • Evaluating overall tax implications on investment decisions
  • Effective use of trusts, foundations, and similar vehicles to accomplish investment objectives
  • Advice on choosing the optimal structure for investing in Japan
  • Tax treaty planning and interpretation including limitation on benefits determinations and reducing or eliminating withholding taxes
  • Foreign tax credit maximization
  • Tax strategy on exit process minimizing tax on capital gains and utilizing capital losses
  • Communication with the tax authorities on your behalf

■ Real estate investment

  • Tax-efficient investment strategies lowering taxes on real-estate investment
  • Tax on real-estate acquisition and lease
  • Tax on real estate sales
  • Statutory tax filing and reporting on real-estate transactions
  • Tax representation service for non-residents
  • Representation during tax audits and investigations and dispute resolution