Our variety of consultation on Japanese VAT

Value added tax (VAT) can impact almost every transaction while doing business across borders as well as in Japan and presents a key factor in a cash-flow management.  As many businesses act globally and perform cross-border transactions with delivery of goods or supplies of services, there are increasing risks on VAT compliant in a foreign country including in Japan. Thus, it is becoming more and more important to get accurate information on the Japanese VAT during business planning covering for example VAT rates, VAT-qualified invoices, VAT registration and filing obligations and refund possibilities to avoid any VAT risks.

You can manage your local and cross-border VAT obligations in Japan easily with our help. Premier Tax & Advisory will remove the uncertainty of venturing into Japanese market with discussions on Japanese VAT regulations.

Our tax professionals strive to create value for our clients. As tax legislation rapidly changes, our tax team continues to update these specialty service offerings to maximize the benefit for our clients. 
Let us path your way to immaculate VAT management in Japan through forming VAT-efficient transaction structure, trouble-free registration, fiscal representation, smooth filing process and beyond.

Examples of our services

■ Japanese VAT advisory

  • Review, risk analysis and planning of Japanese VAT on local and international transactions
  • Tax-efficient supply chain transformation for Japanese VAT purposes
  • VAT exemption enterprises in Japan
  • VAT risk management on doing business in Japan to mitigate tax exposure
  • Advice on VAT refund in Japan for international businesses
  • Advice and review of qualified invoice for Japanese VAT purposes

■ Japanese VAT compliance

  • VAT registrations and obtaining a non-resident VAT number
  • Mandatory VAT representation service for non-residents
  • Communication with the tax authorities on your behalf
  • VAT return filing and compliance with local statutory requirements
  • VAT reclaim and refund
  • Representation during tax audits and investigations and dispute resolution