Ensure tax compliance in Japan

Regardless of the size or nature of your business, whether you outsource your company’s tax function or keep it in house, accurate and efficient tax reporting and compliance are critical to your business.
Premier Tax & Advisory can help your business optimize its tax processes and structures, meet tax compliance requirements on time and keep your credibility.

Large and international businesses are under increased scrutiny to ensure they pay the right amount of tax. Ensuring you comply with tax rules in all the countries in which you operate is essential as any perceived ‘avoidance’ could come under fire.

Our tax compliance service gives you assurance that your tax compliance obligations in Japan and overseas are being effectively managed, whilst adding value into the process to manage tax risks and effective tax rates.

We will help you save precious time and resources spent on mandatory activities, assuring your company’s compliance with local tax regulations, such as: preparing the tax returns/tax filing, solving the local tax authorities’ enquiries and representation during inspections.


We have a wide range of experience providing international businesses with added-value tax compliance services. By working closely with you from the start, to ensure we understand your needs, we will create a successful compliance process that is tailored to you.

Examples of our services

■ Statutory filing

  • Statutory tax filing and reporting
  • Assistance with group tax reporting, tailored to your needs
  • Tax registrations and obtaining a non-resident tax number
  • Filing for reclaim and refund
  • Tax provision assistance

■ Tax administration

  • Tax representation service for non-residents
  • Communication with the tax authorities on your behalf
  • Representation during tax audits and investigations and dispute resolution