Get help navigating complex inheritance tax rules and pass on your estate in a tax efficient way

Since tax and estate planning in Japan is an increasingly complex issue, consulting an expert can be key to achieve the right outcomes well before your final departure.  An expert adviser can help you navigate the rules and pass on more of your wealth.
The lack of comprehensive plan for asset or wealth transfer should bring about an excessive tax burden. You may think you can leave inheritance tax planning until your later years. But it can be worthwhile planning earlier. Some tax rules come with a time limit so it’s important to get everything in order.

Premier Tax & Advisory will help you discover how you’ll be affected by inheritance and gift tax puting strategies and solutions in place to help pass on more to your family.
We offer clients with a proper succession planning tailored to your specific situations and needs. It can be designed to minimize taxes, avoid possible risks of disputes between successive generations, maximize the benefits of assets and ultimately enable you and family to make the best decision on estate transfer to their best interest.



Our experts can work together with you to reduce your inheritance and gift tax. Many of our clients come to us for one-off inheritance tax planning and stay with us for years, allowing our experts to arrange all aspects of their wealth management.

Examples of our services

  • One-on-one meetings to review the family situation and family wealth and discuss short-term and long-term goals
  • Understand how the rules apply to your situation and give initial recommendations on how to pass on your assets in a tax efficient way
  • Tax advice for asset portfolio formation
  • Mid/-long-term plan for wealth transfers to future generations
  • Determine and control the distribution of assets to each heir
  • Effective use of trust and foundation
  • Periodic reviews and adjustments of the implementation of the plan
  • Manage and mitigate inheritance/gift tax liabilities in the future
  • Communication with the tax authorities on your behalf