A cohesive and comprehensive approach to international tax to assist clients with all issues arising in cross-border tax matters

Minimizing international taxes for multinational companies and business owners is one of the most complex issues facing expanding businesses. Many organizations lack the internal resources needed to keep abreast of international tax requirements and regulations, let alone engage and implement action.

As your business develops you could benefit from having dedicated team of professional tax advisors who can provide you with international tax consulting on  day-to-day matters as well as on specific transactions – to minimize risks and maximize the value of your business.

Premier Tax & Advisory is here to help you navigate it all. We understand the importance of a cohesive and comprehensive approach to international tax issues and help you overcome cross-border tax challenges, define the right international tax strategies and operational structures to stay competitive and support your global footprint.

Our advice on cross-border tax matters will help you manage the complexities of multiple tax systems and supranational regulation. We help with:

  • Group structuring and value chain management, including holding company selection, optimization of business processes and functions
  • International tax planning for business change in areas such as intellectual property planning, cross-border M&As and dispositions, corporate reorganizations, internal group restructurings, and legal entity rationalization
  • Set-up of local operations, including subsidiary or branch structures.
  • Transfer pricing reviews and policy formation to support inter-company transactions.
  • Global capital structure planning, including efficient cross-border finance, repatriation, and cash access planning
  • Advising on local tax exposures arising from permanent establishments
  • Japanese VAT implications of cross-border services and movement of goods.
  • Japanese CFC rules – assessment, planning and reporting
  • Foreign tax credits
  • Japanese withholding taxes on cross-border transactions including application of tax treaties
  • Tax on global mobility

Examples of our services

  • International tax strategy and planning
  • Consultation on Japanese CFC rules
  • Transfer pricing policy and risk assessment
  • Consultation on foreign tax credits
  • Advice on tax treaties between Japan and foreign countries
  • Japanese withholding taxes on cross-border transactions
  • Assessment and advice on Permanent Establishments in Japan
  • Tax on cross-border M&As and reorganizations
  • Tax on global mobility